So, another blog eh?

Have you been meaning to start something in your life or make a big life change? I confess, I’m a bit of a dreamer; I have ideals, things that I want to achieve, ideas that I want to act upon, but, I have constantly dragged myself down, procrastinated, and rarely completed what I have set out to do or said I would do. I don’t want to dribble on too much about this; however, I think that I have finally started moving, I took a big step; I think the reason that I was able to do that, was because I found a motivation in my life, my wife. I jumped in the deep end. I moved to Tokyo, Japan.

I don’t speak much Japanese at all, only a few words here and there, so finding work here was never going to be easy. Another thing holding me back is that I have so far neglected to make use of Australia’s wonderful education system and study at University. Moving here has made me desperate and also given me time to think about what I want to do. While I still don’t have a concrete plan, I am now moving on three main goals, getting my first degree, getting fit, and learning Japanese. Tying in with my degree, and one of those ideals of mine, is to have a significant web presence of my own.

In this blog, I hope to combine my experiences here in Japan, with my coming out as an Otaku (more on that later) and my more than a passing interest in photography in the hope of properly establishing myself on the interwebs.




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