Back to Work!

Well, it’s been 40 days since I last went to work at my day job thanks to コロナ – “korona” (Covid-19). I usually teach English to kids here in Tokyo and from tomorrow, it’s back to work!

I don’t expect any students until next month, still two weeks away, so we will likely be preparing lessons and activities for when they start to show up.

While I’ve been off, I have spent some time working on my photography, my health, and learning Japanese – there was also a lot of PC game time… I wouldn’t call it a waste at all!

Tonight I launch my “Darkroom”

It’s a website that seems to make selling your photos online very very simple. There is hardly any setup at all and you can easily order prints on a verity of mediums including metal and canvas besides the usual photo paper. Here is a link:

I’ve only got a few photos up there right now but I hope to add a lot more once I work out what my favorites are. Let me know if there is something you think should be there. What photos of Tokyo would you like hanging on your wall ?

Here is a photo I took a while ago of Skytree. The photo was taken at dusk, without much light, using a low shutter speed, or without the aid of a tripod; this explains why it is not such a sharp image. But, I actually like the way it has turned out, with a slight dizzying feeling when you look at it. It somewhat portrays just how tall it is, and how small it makes you feel beneath it. Enjoy.


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