Snow! In March. Sakura Now Blooming!

So, I’ve being trying to capture snow on my camera for a while and the last few times that it’s fallen in Tokyo it’s been late at night, or I’ve been super sick, but this time I was able to catch it for just a tiny bit.

Today is also the day that Sakura has started to bloom in Tokyo, the earliest on record according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. You can find more details here: I hope to get some good shots this year, wish me luck.

We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic now, and it’s getting a little scary, so I’m hoping that putting my mind to work on my photography will reduce my anxiety a little. Hopefully, even if only one person can enjoy my efforts, then it will be worth while.

Here’s one of the shots I got of the snow.

… and a short slow motion video off my Ipad that I posted to twitter.

Everyone please take care out there and wash your hands!