Just a quick update for now.

I’ve been sick for a couple of days, I thought it might be Covid-19 so I got tested; I just got the results today and I’m negative thankfully!

I’ve added a link to my Darkroom under a purchase prints page.

I’ve gone and put some new images up on Darkroom of Tokyo! Please check them out!



Back to Work!

Well, it’s been 40 days since I last went to work at my day job thanks to コロナ – “korona” (Covid-19). I usually teach English to kids here in Tokyo and from tomorrow, it’s back to work!

I don’t expect any students until next month, still two weeks away, so we will likely be preparing lessons and activities for when they start to show up.

While I’ve been off, I have spent some time working on my photography, my health, and learning Japanese – there was also a lot of PC game time… I wouldn’t call it a waste at all!

Tonight I launch my “Darkroom”

It’s a website that seems to make selling your photos online very very simple. There is hardly any setup at all and you can easily order prints on a verity of mediums including metal and canvas besides the usual photo paper. Here is a link: https://andrewgmeredith.darkroom.tech/

I’ve only got a few photos up there right now but I hope to add a lot more once I work out what my favorites are. Let me know if there is something you think should be there. What photos of Tokyo would you like hanging on your wall ?

Here is a photo I took a while ago of Skytree. The photo was taken at dusk, without much light, using a low shutter speed, or without the aid of a tripod; this explains why it is not such a sharp image. But, I actually like the way it has turned out, with a slight dizzying feeling when you look at it. It somewhat portrays just how tall it is, and how small it makes you feel beneath it. Enjoy.

Snow to Sun

Life under a state of emergency in Tokyo.

As I start my second month of a very Japanese style Covid-19 lockdown in Tokyo, the sun is shining and the room temperature is over 28 degrees. The windows are open and there is a light breeze.

Just two weeks ago it was snowing outside!

Thankfully my company has decided, rightly, to close its doors while we are under a state of emergency and that now looks to be for at least another month so I have more time to push through my procrastination bug and start learning and creating more.

It seems that the government’s unenforced lockdown isn’t being respected by all companies though as my wife still needs to goto work about half time at the moment and I have heard on twitter of other eikaiwa (英会話 – English Conversational schools) still operating. Some pachinko parlors, the infamous smoke filled Japanese style casinos, remain open; attracting addicted gamblers from far and wide much to the dismay of local governors. One wonders if it’s enough to curb the spread of the virus here.

Thankfully, astonishingly, the number of infected in Japan remains somewhat stable and the daily average of new infections seems to be coming down. Hopefully this trend continues.

We are also supposed to get ¥100,000 each from the government at some point, when they can work out how to give it to us. Other, smaller, prefectures have already handed it out to some people however I will be surprised if Tokyo can manage to start handing it out this month.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I posted the beautiful sunset we had the other day to twitter:

I’m a real sucker for the golden hour, even if some(one) may call me a cliche photographer.

Here’s a couple bonus ones.

That’s it for this update.

Thanks for reading.


Okay. So I plan on creating some photo series. One of them will be a normal Tokyo, and the surrounding cities, a look at Tokyo that that most visitors may not see.

I find the back streets of greater Tokyo to be filled with interesting sights; sights that a lot of Tokyoites would simply stroll past without a care, but I’ll stare at it for a while.

いつものTokyo or “Everyday Tokyo” .

Snow! In March. Sakura Now Blooming!

So, I’ve being trying to capture snow on my camera for a while and the last few times that it’s fallen in Tokyo it’s been late at night, or I’ve been super sick, but this time I was able to catch it for just a tiny bit.

Today is also the day that Sakura has started to bloom in Tokyo, the earliest on record according to the Japan Meteorological Agency. You can find more details here: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13215086 I hope to get some good shots this year, wish me luck.

We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic now, and it’s getting a little scary, so I’m hoping that putting my mind to work on my photography will reduce my anxiety a little. Hopefully, even if only one person can enjoy my efforts, then it will be worth while.

Here’s one of the shots I got of the snow.

… and a short slow motion video off my Ipad that I posted to twitter.

Everyone please take care out there and wash your hands!

I’m back!

I’ve got a new PC! 

I was really struggling on my old “toaster” , a Microsoft surface with no graphics card, thermal limited (due to  internal dust build up), and lack of disc space. 

This hopefully marks a new start for my website project so keep a look out!


Fuerza Bruta…Wow.

This is just a quick update to show off just a couple of the photos that I took at Fuerza Bruta Tokyo. This is an amazing show that originally started in Buenos Aires and has made it’s way around the world in various forms; however, it has yet to found it’s way to back home to Australia.

The Tokyo version had me on the edge of my seat the whole time… except, there were no seats; this was a standing, moving, living, show; the audience had their part to play as well.

I’ll let some of these photos do the talking for now; but, if you are interested in reading more, SavvyTokyo has a really good writeup on the show.


So, another blog eh?

Have you been meaning to start something in your life or make a big life change? I confess, I’m a bit of a dreamer; I have ideals, things that I want to achieve, ideas that I want to act upon, but, I have constantly dragged myself down, procrastinated, and rarely completed what I have set out to do or said I would do. I don’t want to dribble on too much about this; however, I think that I have finally started moving, I took a big step; I think the reason that I was able to do that, was because I found a motivation in my life, my wife. I jumped in the deep end. I moved to Tokyo, Japan.

I don’t speak much Japanese at all, only a few words here and there, so finding work here was never going to be easy. Another thing holding me back is that I have so far neglected to make use of Australia’s wonderful education system and study at University. Moving here has made me desperate and also given me time to think about what I want to do. While I still don’t have a concrete plan, I am now moving on three main goals, getting my first degree, getting fit, and learning Japanese. Tying in with my degree, and one of those ideals of mine, is to have a significant web presence of my own.

In this blog, I hope to combine my experiences here in Japan, with my coming out as an Otaku (more on that later) and my more than a passing interest in photography in the hope of properly establishing myself on the interwebs.



Hello world 世界の皆さんこんにちは

Hello world 世界の皆さんこんにちは I’m Anan

Welcome to my small corner of the internet.

In this blog, I hope to combine my experiences here in Japan, with my coming out as an Otaku (more on that later) and my more than a passing interest in photography in the hope of properly establishing myself on the interwebs.

A little about me:

Born in Canada in 1983, my family and I immigrated to Australia when I was just 3 years old. I remember next to nothing of Canada but my father tells me that the main reason that we escaped was so that he didn’t have to shovel snow out of the driveway every morning.

I became interested in Japan after I discovered Japanese Animation in the early 90s; I remember watching Ghost in the Shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion on SBS and being amazed at the themes and characters. I became somewhat infatuated, to the point of pausing the recorded VHS I had made and drawing (copying… badly) my favorite characters into a sketchpad. When I finally go the internet I joined an MIRC channel called yoU aRe Drawing, or URD (I can’t believe that the website is still up, last post was 2004 though, I’ll try and get in touch with people from there!), started listening to Japanese music, things were getting strange.

About that time, I discovered online gaming. In what might be considered by some as life ruining, I became addicted to Total Annihilation, Ragnarok Online, Counter Strike, and Lineage 2 (to name a few) and mostly dropped the (more constructive) love of drawing.

I still occasional watched anime and my love of Japan didn’t completely go away and in 2009 the opportunity came up to visit Japan when cheap flights became available. I jumped at the chance and spent two incredible weeks here in Tokyo. The experience was life changing and while I didn’t decide to live here (that remained a daunting prospect for many years) I did meet someone who would eventually coax me into moving here.

Since then a lot has happened, I was sick for many years, and I’ve only just started to get some energy and confidence to take on the world properly. So, here I am, in Tokyo on a hot summer day with two typhoons barreling towards Japan, writing the first few posts on my blog about living here, being a bit of an Otaku, and taking photos. I hope my efforts offer even a little bit of enjoyment or information to anyone who visits and hope that I can eventually build this into something more.

Thanks for reading.


Aboutme my photo

Hopefully I can take a better photo of myself one day…